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Luke & Sebastian

Luke & Sebastian

  • Luke & Sebastian bring a touch of class and style to every performance

  • Offering a versatile repertoire that appeals to a broad range of musical tastes

  • Their guitar expertise and vocal harmonies can be tailored to any event and all parts of a wedding celebration

Luke and Sebastian are an acoustic duo from Byron Bay who specialise in designing music for weddings and corporate events.

Guitars and vocal harmonies combine to create music with an eclectic range of styles from sophisticated jazz, soothing classical, contemporary pop and world music flavours.

Meeting in the vibrant music scene of northern NSW, Luke & Sebastian’s passion for music led to their thriving artistic collaboration.

As the resident musicians at Rae’s on Wategos, Luke & Sebastian have established themselves as the premier acoustic duo in Byron Bay.

Luke – 0411 358 993
Sebastian – 0403 841 241
fb lukeandsebastian  insta2 @lukeandsebastian